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Ten reasons to choose Interartex:

1)    Our exhibitions are very exclusive, for a limited number of artworks (max 25 artworks), as well as for a limited number of artists. As the artists are exclusivly selected, this allows us to take care of the sale and marketing in the best possible way. We can devote proper attention to each artwork on display. Our CEO, Dr. Baldelli, who also is an artcritic, will have the time and the conditions necessary to study the artworks and curriculum of each author with attention, and then procure the sale with accurate and well founded information.
2)    Compared to other group exhibitions, where the managers are, unfortunately, focusing on the numbers of artists and vistors, rather than the quality, we instead, in our exhibitions, always have the ambition to sell the artworks; we prefer our visiting customers to be potential buyers. Hence we have well studied merchandizing methods, which we apply to every exhibition.
3)    Each artwork will have a page in the catalogue. Our catalogues are always in the same size and format, A4, with an elegant and unique layout. After the exhibition every artist receive her very own copy of the catalogue. The catalogue will be available for the artist both in printed and in digital form, shareable on social media. When an artist participates in more than one exhibition, we send copies of the catalogues of the passed Interartex exhibitions to potential buyers.
4)    For every exhibition that we organize, we make sure that artworks of classical authors from different parts of the world will be exposed. As and example, in our Stockholm exhibition of 2016, In the Depth of Colours, we have had an artwork by Salvator Dali. This allows us to give some weight to the exhibition and to attract art expert-buyers.
5)    We make personalized invitations in digital format for each and every every artist, that the artist can use freely to invite family and friends, as well as potential buyers of her own choice.
6)    Every artist receives a certificate of participation with an original signature made by the art critic dr Riccardo Baldelli.
7)    If you are unsure about the market in city of the exhibition, we are willing to help you. We will provide you with the possibilty to book an appoitment with Dr. Baldelli, to speak about your art, your market and your prices. The consulting service is free and included in the price.
8)    Interartex logistic service is one of the best on the market of art. With more than 10 years of experience, from moving artworks between different galleries all over the world, we have sharpened our expertis. Our logistic service is formed around the artists. We want to help you with all the practical issues of the transport. Of course, this service is also included in the price.
9)    The people who work in our storage know how to handle your artworks with care and attention. We have experts in conservation among our staff.
10) Even if you cannot be present at the opening party or visit the exhibition in person, you will always find photos from the occassion, as well as photos of your own artworks, on our Facebook page, assembled in an album with the same name as the exhibition.
And most importantly: we answer all your questions; we are here for you!
With Interartex, you will always have a straight and clear communication.
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