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Exhibition's code
1-15 September, 2016
1 September at 18.00 o┬┤clock.
Exhibition takes place in:
UBA "Raiko Aleksiev" Gallery
Shipka 6 Str., 1504 Sofia 
Earliest date of delivery for collective transport 
8 August 2016
Last date of delivery for collective transport
15 August 2016
Last date to participate in the catalogue
8 August

Why have we chosen to have an exhibition in Sofia?
Sofia, which is the capital of Budapest, is also the biggest city of Bulgaria, and it lies in the centre of the country, both culturally as well as administratively and industrially.
If you participate in this exhibition, why not take the opportunity to visit the city as well?
Sofia is well worth visiting, as it is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with ancestry that goes back to 700 BC. With such a long tradition of culture and education, there are much old and remarkable architecture, reflected in the old, imposing buildings of the inner city.
The gallery is managed by UBA, where UBA stands for Union of Bulgarian Artists. The name of the gallery is Art Gallery Raiko Aleksiev. Situated in the central part of Sofia, it is a famous gallery, which has won many prices. There are only a few selected that get the opportunity to exhibit here. Interartex went through the key hole and now our artists have the same exclusive opportunity. 
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