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Sirpa Mettiäinen

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Sirpa Mettiäinen

My name is Sirpa Mettiäinen. I was born in Finland in 1951 as the 6th out of 9 Siblings. I moved to Sweden in 1970. That same year I met my husband and eventually became the happy mother of 3 wonderful girls. My dream of studying unfortunately remained only a dream for now. But it all changed on Christmas Eve in 1988 when my husband gave me a wonderful gift in the form of a beginner’s kit for oil painting. The following year I created my first painting “The Sunset” which was soon followed by several more paintings. My curiosity and great thirst for knowledge resulted in me participating in several different classes in the art of oil painting. During the years I have continued painting on my own and evolved in my own way to be able to paint the wonders of nature more refined. I feel as in many ways I am “one with nature”. In my art I try to capture those moments and small details hidden in the ordinary and transform them into images of nature that spreads the feeling of joy and happiness. I have been given a very special gift and it’s my responsibility to make something of it. To be able to use this gift and give something back to the rest of the world is very important for me.

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