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Rules of participation for the Interartex exhibitions

An individual artist is a single artist, not a group or an association of artists.

The participation fee includes hanging of the artworks in the exhibition place with a label, where it is written: author, title, technique and year of making.

In the price is also included a page in the catalogue for each artwork, a free copy of the catalogue in paper format, as well as access to a digital form of the catalogue.

The catalogue on the exhibition place is not mandatory. The catalogue will not be present at the exhibition place. It is a tool for marketing and a service given solely to the artists themselves.

Also included in the price is a certificate of participation, with a hand written signature of the CEO of Interartex, dr Riccardo Baldelli.

Artworks accepted to the exhibition

No artwork, frame included, can exceed the maximum size of 100x100 cm. Artworks with larger sizes than the maximum will not be exposed.

An artwork should contain of one unit.

Triptych and diptych are accepted, if they can be treated as one unit. They must not exceed 100 cm x 100 cm as a whole. The pieces of the triptych/diptych should have a maximum space of three centimeters apart, when disposed.

For each artwork, the following information must be included in the form: title, technique, year, size and price. The same information about the artwork as in the form mentioned above, shall also be shown on the back of the artwork. Those missing the required data will be displayed without label.

Warning: The sculptures must be submitted for prior approval of the staff of Interartex.

Every style and technique is approved.

Each artwork must be equipped with a hanging device. Works of art without hanging device will not be exposed.

The selection is made already before you get your invitation to be part of our exhibition.

In the event that the artist decides to withdraw from the exhibition of Interartex after payment has been made, he will not be compensated in any way.

The cost of participation is not including insurance. It is suggested that the artist provide this by himself, if deemed necessary.

Interartex holds 20% commission when selling.

Collective Transport to the exhibition place

If the artist has purchased the collective transport, he must send the artworks to the following address:
c/o Q Gallery
Torggatan 11
73132 Köping

The artworks must arrive to Interartex according to the information shown on the front page of each exhibition on the Interartex' website. The works that arrive prior to the date of first delivery is subject to storage costs, according to chapter "Storage".

A reminder to all the artists that Interartex closes during the Swedish festivities.
Artworks that arrive to Interartex later than the closing date shown on the front page of the chosen exhibition on the Interartex' webiste, or do not arrive at all, will not be a part of the exhibition. The artist will not be refunded in any way.

An artist who wants to deliver the artworks in person to Interartex, must call or e-mail the Logistic Department of Interartex, and book an appointment.

The Opening Hours for the Logistic Department is:
Monday-Tuesday 8.30-15.30.

The Logistic Department is only open for delivery/retieval Monday and Tuesday. Time booking can be scheduled from 8.30 to 15.30.

Delivery/retrieval has to be done by time booking only.

Only door-to-door companies are accepted. We do not use PostNord or any other post offices.

For delivery of the artworks, it is necessary to show valid identity document. In cases when someone, other than the author, has to deliver the artworks, a copy of the identity card of the author is needed. In case of lack of identity document or copies thereof, the works will not be accepted.

E-mail the artists

Attention: Interartex follows the calendar of Swedish festivities

The unsold artworks will return to the headquarters of Interartex within one month from the date of the end of the exhibition. The author will be contacted only by email. In the email will be the entering information on the withdrawal of the artworks.

Warning: the purchase of collective transport does not include transportation of the artworks from the storage of Interatex to the author.

Private transport

In the event of the author choosing to deliver and/or collect his artwork in person, or through dispatching his artwork to the exhibition, he will be fully responsible for the transport and will have to inquire about the rules applying to the local exhibition place, by himself.

Interartex will not be responsible of the success of the transport, neither will Interartex keep the contacts with the exhibition place for the artist. He has to do that himself.

If artworks arrive later than the date of mounting the exhibition, or do not arrive at all, the artworks will not be exposed, and the author will not be refunded.

Delivery of the artworks back to the author

If the artist wants to pick up the artworks in person at Interartex, he must do so during the opening hours of the Logistic Department of Interartex. For the pickup of the artworks it is necessary to show valid identity document. In the case of someone other than the author picking up the artworks, a copy of the identity card of the author is also required. In case of lack of identity document or copies thereof, the works will not be returned.

The Opening Hours for the Logistic Department is:
Monday-Tuesday 8.30-15.30.

The Logistic Department is only open for delivery/retieval Monday and Tuesday. Time booking can be scheduled from 8.30 to 15.30.

Delivery/retrieval has to be done by time booking only.

Only door-to-door companies are accepted. We do not use PostNord or any other post offices.

Attention: Interartex follows the calendar of Swedish festivities.

In the event that the artist wants to entrust a transport company to pick up his artworks, the following rules apply:
1. The artist has to deal with booking the transport.
2. The transport company chosen should pick up the artworks directly in the gallery at the opening hours of the Logistic Department.

For more information, contact:


Interartex do not ensure the works entrusted to the company.

In case of damage/theft of the artworks during transport, during the exhibition or during the storage time, the artist will not be refunded in any way by Interartex. Insurance is optional and totally up to the artist.

Hanging of the artworks

The artworks will be mounted with the discretion of the staff. During assembly of the exhibition it is not expected that the author will be present.

The opening party

The opening party is included in the price, and is not subject to special requests made by the artists.

The opening party is organized according to the date reported. The artist's presence is not mandatory.

In the gallery, the presence of an authorized person from Interartex will be guaranteed, during the opening party, as well as for the duration of the entire exhibition.

The catalogue will not be exposed at the exhibition.


Every artist is included in the catalogue by default. For every artwork, the artist gets one page in the catalogue. In the price is included one copy of the catalogue, for each artwork of participation.
The inclusion of an artwork on one page will be displayed with the same technical data as reported on enrollment; once reported it can not be changed. In case of missing or incomplete data, the photos will be published with the author's name and the phrase ”unknown data”.
The catalogue is in A4 format, portraited in glossed paper.
In the catalogue is also included the space for one presentatation per artist. The presentations will be displayed in the end of the catalogue. The presentation must be written in English and in third person. Presentations written in any other langugage, or in another person than third person will not be included.


The photo of the artwork must be sent to To be accepted a photo must have the following characteristics:

1. File format: jpeg or png.
2. Resolution: 300 DPI.
3. The photo must be unframed and without glass.
4. The picture in the photo must be straight.
5. None of the following should appear in the photo: people, shadows, furniture, writing etc.
At latest the photos must be sent, at the date displayed on the front page of the exhibition's site, to Interartex, as attchments, in an email, to the following email address:

Caution: the presence of the catalogue on the exhibition space is not mandatory.


Before the exhibition, Interartex can only keep on despoit works for free, during the time stated in the front page of the website for the exhibition, on the Interartex's website.

After the exhibition, Interartex only keeps the work for free if the artist has registred to an upcoming exhibition.

After the exhibition, the artist will receive an e-mail of notification from the logistics department, when the collective transport back to Interartex's storage is complete. Thereafter the artist has time to a certain date, indicated in the e-mail, to arrange his retrieval of his artwork.

Beyond the periods indicated above, the following rules apply:

The artwork will be kept in the storage of Interartex until the date indicated in the e-mail that the artist receive from the Logistic Manager of Interartex, when the artworks are back in Interartex's storage. Usually this period will be two weeks. There will be no charge of storage for this two weeks period.

During this period of time the artist must arrange the retrieval transport, payed by the artist. The transport has to be made with a door-to-door-company. No other options are valid nor accepted.

At the end of this period, if the artist has not responded to Interartex's e-mails, the artwork remaining will be moved from the storage, to the basement of the Interartex' building. There, the artwork will remain for one month. Once the artwork has been moved to the basement, Interartex will take no further responsibility for the condition of the artwork. The basement is not made for storage and the artworks might take damage.

At the end of the month lenght period, the artwork will be considered abandoned, removed from the storage and given to charity. An invoice of storage cost will be sent to the author. Please notice that this cost is very high; 50 € per day, for each artwork.

Attention: An exception is made when the artist signs up for another exhibition of Interartex, no later than the last day for pickup.

Further information

All information that Interartex will send to the artist will be sent via email. Make sure that the email address written in the registration form is active and valid.

When you make your registration, you will receive two e-mails. The registration will be devided in two parts. The first e-mail will contain the information about your artwork, the second e-mail will contain your own data and purchase information. Those two e-mails serve as receipts and invoice of your purchase. Copies of the very same e-mails will also be sent to the Interartex's office.

In case of communication problems, it is up to the artist, or his representative, to promptly inform Interartex.
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