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What is a periodic exhibition?

A periodic exhibition is an exhibition that I situated at the same exhibition place every year. The date of the exhibition can change, but is always in the frame of the same seasong (Winter, Summer and so on).

How many are the periodic exhibitions?

The periodic exhibitions are three:

Toscana Nordic, Festival dell´Arte e della Cultura Nordica
Settimane Italiane
Only Women

Toscana Nordic is a Festival dedicated to the Nordic art, design and culture that Interartex arranges every year near Pisa in Toscana, together with other partners.  Under the Festival the company organizes for the Nordic artist a group exhibition.
If you want to know more about the Festival and the exhibition, check the activities under the festival or just check some pictures, you can go to the page of the current year festival or check last year festival at "Past Exhibitions"

Settimane Italiane is a Festival of the Italian art and culture that take place near Stockholm. Interartex organizes two exhibitions under the festival. You can check last year festival in "Past Exhibitions" or this year exhibition in the page dedicate to that.

30x30 is a periodic exhibition that take place at the Gallery Quirinus every year. The cost of the exhibition is 10euro and you can participate with max 6 artworks in max dimensions 30cmx30cm. Check the last year edition in "Past Exhibition" or the current year exhibition in the page dedicate to that.

What is the difference between a normal exhibition and a periodic one?

A periodic exhibition is always a very popular one. Many people know about the exhibition because they participate from many years.   It means that the exhibition place can be complete soon. If you want to be sure to participate, you can leave a mail-booking. You have to mail your name, second name, second name, your contacts and year of the exhibition that you are interested to:
When the exhibition of the current year is organized, you will receive a mail from the direction with the form to registry your artworks, so you can quickly book your place.

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