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Patrizia Poli

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Patrizia Poli

Patrizia Poli’s artistic expression is a highly poetic quest of extraordinary sensibility. In her subjects she catches all their spontaneity and contemplation with the result of an analysis of great ability and vast resources where the truth of the image and its content constantly increases.
The softness and fluency of her stroke and the well calibrated measure of colours give her pictorial way a formal rhythm of wise and learned construction resounding in her work with all its might.
The female figures, the landscape foreshortening and the natural details fix on her canvas an elegant schematism of remarkable suggestion with the result of a painting gifted with a great ability of interpretation and managed with a strong and severe engagement as a sign of an expressive, figurative and never casual achievement.
Patrizia Poli digs up the inwardness of her female characters, thus displaying a precise and concise inquiry dealing with a recurring psychological penetration and flowing towards immediate moods.
Her painting is a carefully balanced work where the fluency of a valuable and significant matter weaves a brilliant pictorial tissue standing out of any conventional rule.         

The colour shade fullness, the elegance of her drawing and the peculiar structure of her work give her paintings a strong vivid rare aesthetic impact.
Always attentive to sentiments, to the naturalness and liveliness of her portraits, Patrizia Poli works out her own regular true pictorial language, fully mastering the acrylic painting materials and technique.
She is always seeking dialogue with both pictures and observers, which allows her to widen her art and make it able to respect the human dignity.
Her art is always rich of sensations whose aim is giving expression, with a passionate and experienced interpretation, to those lost values that can be found in her work.
The constant dialogue she sets up with her paintings is free from anxiety and apprehension and it is rich of love and sentiments, especially where and when her characters’ eyes are conveying their true emotions to the observer.      

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