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Lars Karlsson

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Lars Karlsson

What is Trolldoom?

Trolldoom is a company within the work of art buisness that was started by me, Lars Karlsson 2006.
My idea was to make art in a new way. It would be easy, professional, but eye catching.       
I also want to appeal to all generations and nationalities. Not to a particular group of people.
The company name comes from my first exhibition in 2004. It was called: Trolldom.
Because Trolldom was as usual and had according to me the wrong message about what I wanted to emphasize as I added to an O. It was Trolldoom that I is alone in the world.       


Dimensions Of Art Work  2012
Gallery Kocks in Stockholm
Swedish Impressions  2012
Gallery Merikon in Vienna/Austria
Exhibition at Sweden Rock  2013
Sweden Rock in Solvesborg
Exhibition in London  2013
Hilton Hotell in London
Found the way Home  2013
Orebro Museum

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