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Interartex and the visual arts

The company  Interartex, or as we called beforeMaecenas Italy Art,  organizes exhibitions, art competition and cultural events to privates or public institutions. The company has the head office in Köping, Sweden.

The company has been founded in 2010 by Riccardo Baldelli, Swedish-Italian art critic with the intention to promote the Italian artists in Scandinavia.
In the middle of 2011 Elisa Bastiani, art historian and conservator, come in the company, and the projects became more and more complex and  the company started to invest on the entire  European art marked.

A marketing -research in August 2013 say that the company has more than 5000 customers, artists and designers, more part from Scandinavia.  At that time Maecenas Italy Art change name in Interartex, simpler to pronounce for many Nordic customers.   

Interartex makes an important job for the artist from the entire world presenting them privately in different solo- exhibition, and acting as agent to them. Riccardo Baldelli, VD of Interartex, still choose every year some artist who he help to introduce in the art market. The company instead chooses exclusive place around the world and invites artists to participate to those special exhibitions.

The finality of the company is to offer a full service to the artist
who desire to exhibit and present his art in new markets.  We want to make easy for the artist to be part of important exhibitions and sale his artworks. We take care of the relation with the gallery, of the catalogue and of the transport of the artworks. The only think that the artist has to think is to create!  For this reason Interartex has developed relationships with many galleries in entire world, a network that permit also to offer the best prices to the artists.

In 2012 we started the Art Gallery Quirinus, in Sweden to give to our artists the possibility to exhibit near us and to know new and wonderful artists. From the 2013 Interartex publish also a magazine, with the name Art´s Gazette, an important contribution to the editorial world about art. Every edition is monographic and is distributed in chosen galleries and art museums in Europe.

Our organization  help the artists to make themselves known in the world and assist them in the process to come out in the market, assisting them with the sale, publishing catalogs, giving them visibility on internet, moving the art-works, making certification of the artworks. In order to do that, we use a lot of collaborators, travel-business, private galleries, agents, cultural association in the entire world.

From 2013 Interartex is going through a process of research and reorganization, to study how the artist can gain more visibility in the digital world. The company has now a new employee, Erika Almgren, expert in social network and digital promotion.  We are moving us in the digital space, making streaming tv, brand entertainment and documentary for the artist. We don´t wait a new market for our artists, we create one.

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