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Group Camvert Kunsthus

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Group Camaver Kunsthaus

Camaver Kunsthaus proposal is a three artists group at international level:  talented so much to strongly express their capabilities: Stefania Grazioli, Emanuela Mezzadri and Virginie Gallois.
Since many years Camaver Kusthaus is discovering qualified artists to promoting the artwork which can really communicate something beyond the trends of the day.
Stefania Grazioli, Emanuela Mezzadri and Virginie Gallois perfectly represent the artistic line of Camaver Kunsthaus: three very different personalities, three artistic languages very personal?at the antipodes each from others; three artistic expressions converging into the need to communicate an intimate sentiment  strong and disruptive.
Stefania Grazioli has literally created a new element to design shapes on, using only  energetic colors, but the real astonishing fact is how shapes interact with the material to create a nearly twelve-tone harmony.
The porous surface is irregular and it is in contrast with the circular and perfect forms without shades. Such technique produces contrasting elements which, in their own way, are a perfect balance of composition and expressive sense.

Emanuela Mezzadri seems to play with materials that transcend and become poetic elements. All the elements of her compositions in different ways contribute to create an unexpected poetic flow: something in a perfect balance that allows the artist's sensitivity to smoothly transpire without obstacles.
Virginie Gallois is exactly halfway between the other two artists, not only a simple bridge between two inspirations but also an important personality able to enrich the group. The nature is the basis of the work of the three artists, but in her artworks it becomes  a lens that can make you see the world in a multiplicity of different way according to the emotions she feels. The world and nature become a musical score to plot her harmonies made of shapes and bright colors.
These three artists will carry their feminine sensibility to the United States, together with the ability of the high level  artists to translate emotions feelings and moods in highly evocative images.
So, Emanuela  will show her artworks, her  poems:  hermetic haiku full of charm. Virginie Gallois adds a touch of magic to her poetry, joy and happiness but also a deep psychological introspective sight. And finally Stefania Grazioli highlights her uncertainties thanks to  her original compositions which
become her strength and balance.
These three talented artists will amaze you with their simplicity with their artistic path that is the path of personal growth.

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