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Art Fair Service
how to exhibit in Art Fair with Interartex
general explanation

The art fairs are important occasions for each artist. They are very visited, have excellent possibilities to sell and allow the artist to be known by many people in a short time.
Interartex doesn´t organize art fairs, but choose to adhere to already existing art fairs to introduce their own gallery,  and, of course, and especially its artists. The organization to which we rely is Affordable Art Fair. (

Since Interartex it is not the main organizer, we have chosen not to sell exhibition space to not burden the complexive cost for the artist. The exhibition spaces of the art fairs are always very expensive because they are very demand. The spaces we occupy costing always € 880 per linear meter.The rules decided by the organisation of Affordable Art Fair say that individual artists can not buy spaces, but they can do that  through our organization that will not recharge the price per linear meter.

Who want to expose with our group, however, have to pay a fixed price that is corresponding to our service and the service include:

  • Transport of the artworks from Gallery Quirinus in Sweden and back to gallery Quirinus at the end of the art fair. We take care of the contact with the transport company and the staff of the fair to be shure that your artworks arrive in right time for the hanging and they left the fair when the fair is end.

  • Receipt of boxes with the artworks on place, installation of the exhibition, dismantling of the exhibition, packaging of the artworks for the transport back to Sweden.

  • Specialized personnel for the entire period of the exhibition in place for the presentation of your work and the attempt to sell.

  • Catalogue with one side for each artwork in show, one copy for each artist.

  • Photoalbun of the fair, 24 pages with mixed picture from the exhibition, one copy for each artist.

  • Film (15mm) from the fair and the our exhibition in You Tube-format.

  • Certificate of participation.

  • Invitations in pdf. format for you, your friends and relatives.

  • In our exhibition place inside the art fair we will have a table where you can put information about yourself.

The service cost between 1500 euro and 2000 euro, depending of the place where the exhibition take place.
To book the partecipation at our art-fair grupp, you have to follow this routine:

  • You have to pay a fixed deposit of € 200. Your name will appear in the list of reservations. If within 3 months of the start of the fair, we will reach the number of 15 participants, we will arrange the display at the fair. If the number of 15 participants is not reached, Interartex make back the money of the deposit.

  • When you pay the deposit you must immediately declare how many linear meters you need for your artwork. Consider that the walls are 3 meters high and you need a minimum distance of 10 cm between your artworks and  from both the edge of the meters you decide to book.

  • Each show has different expiration dates, but the payments are always divided into two parts. The date on which it is necessary to pay the first part, you will be notified by our staff and you will have to pay a fee equal to half of the booked meters and the half of the service.

  • The staff will notify you of the date of payment of the second part. At that time you will have to pay the other half of the service and the booked meters.

  • Always check the specific rules of each show about the time of registration and payment, the mode of delivery of the artworks to the gallery Quirinus, rules about digital material for catalogs, rules about transportation and insurance. Contact our staff in case of doubts  at:

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