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The service of certification of the art works

What is a certification?
A certification is a proof that demonstrates that the art work you artist just made is really yours.  You need an extern authority that can prove the authenticity of your art work without any form of dubious in case if you lost your art work , in case of damage or theft  or in case your customer desire to sale the art work that he bought from you.
A certification is not an authentication of an artworks that you buy from someone else. It means that we can certificate just the artworks that a leaving artist can recognize like own artworks.

Why a certification?
Every artist has amount of artworks staying in the own atelier.  Often is just a little signature that can prove that the artwork is a product of the artist.  When the accident is near, and for some reasons the art work is lost or damage, is very difficult for the artist to have the artworks back or to have the right  compensation from the insurance.
The police can have difficulties to recognize your art work without a picture and sometimes the police can be unsure that the photo that you are showing corresponds to a real artwork or is just a joke!
The insurance can have some hesitations and often more. The insurance is interested to pay the lower possible compensation and they will say that your art work has not the value that you declare.
Then you have customers who buy art works from you and they do that also to invest money in your art. Maybe in the future they want or need to sale.  So the customer need your certification too.

How does certification work?
When our office makes a certification, we take pictures of every artwork you take to us. We save all the pictures in a CD. Every picture is saved with title, dimension, and year.  We save in the CD also a database with all the artworks with title, dimension, year and also value. Every artwork that we certificate, receive the value that you together with our experts think is the most right one.   Every artwork receives also a certificate in paper with signature of the expert applied on the back of the artwork. It is some kind of ID.
In case of problem, you can give to the insurance or to the police our contact and we will show your CD and your personal database with all the certificate information about your art works, inclusive the certificated value.

How much cost the certification?
The cost of the certification depends of how many artworks do you have and how much the value is.  We can estimate that a certification up to 30 artworks of the value between 1000 euro and 5000 euro cost approximately 300 euro.  The photographic work is included.
When you certificate your art works, we will keep in storage our database for 1 year. After a year you have to contact us if you want that we continue to keep your database.  In this case you have to pay a cost that is the half of the first certification (in the example we made it should be 150 euro).
The paper certificate that you have in the back of your artwork has instead no time-limits an we will recognize the certificate in front of every authority.
Ask us for a budget.

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