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Bilda is a Swedish study association, one of ten Swedish adult educational associations.
As an adult educational association, Bilda is part of the Swedish tradition of "folkbildning", liberal adult education, which grew out of the popular movements of the 19th century. "Folk" means people and "bildning" means learning. Put them together and you get the word folkbildning, the Swedish form of non-formal adult education.
Through study circles, courses, and cultural programs, the study associations have contributed to the development of democratic cultural practices in Sweden. Though offering courses and study circles on a broad variety of subjects, Bilda specializes in culture, dialogue, and music. In 2010, almost 100 000 people participated in educational activities organized by Bilda, spending a total of almost 550 000 study hours.
For Contact: Bilda Svealand. Phone: Västmanlands län  (021-470 35 20) , Örebro län (019-601 53 50 )  E-mail: Web:

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