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Beatrize Bäckström

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Beatrize Bäckström

Since I was a child, my dream have been to be an artist. That dream has been giving me some problems to be content with anything else but that. I am a bit picky I might add...
I admit, in some ways I am a walking cliche. In others, I am not. Creativity is for me my saviour, my friend, my ventilator, my voice, my lover, the very thing that make my blood pump around my veins.  

You can really say that it is a neverending love story for me. And it have always been since I was a small child with few toys and a need to escape my surroundings from time to time.  
My art, both paintings and sculptures, are very much alive for me because of all I put in them from myself. But all I make is not so personal, sometimes a flamingo is just a flamingo.

When I paint I have a plastic lid with splashes of colour in different shades in one hand and a brush, spatula or just paint directly on my fingers in the other, to make marks on that pale bit of possibilities. Most of the time I have an idea of what I will paint, but sometimes I just go with the flow and let myself be surprised. I take inspiration from different feelings, experiences, opinions and from interesting conversations with others.

The biggest mistake people usually do is reading my art expecting their interpretation is the right one and put it on me as a person. Instead of just accepting it as a part of who they are.
Who you are control what you see.
And sometimes, I just tell a little lie with my art if it will make the piece better...

You can see some of my art here:

The writing is in Swedish but colours have no need for words.


2000 – Massmanska Kvarnen, Ronneby. Groupexhibition for the senior students and other art  students from  Knut Hahn skolan (high school).

2002 - Ronneby Konsthall. Groupexhibition with former students from the art program at Knut  Hahn skolan.

2003 – Uffes Källare, Växjö. Groupexhibition with students from the teacher program, art  orientation, at the University of Växjö, now named Linnéuniversitetet.

2003 – University of Växjö, community area. Groupexhibition for the art teacher program  students.

2009 – Café ”Dockan”, Växjö. Inofficial single exhibition

2010 – Logen, Tolg. Shared exhibition with another person.

2010 – Regionförbundet Södra Småland, Växjö. Single exhibition.

2010 – Växjö Stadsbibliotek, library. Groupexhibiton with artists and craftsmans organised by me.

2010/2011 – Pontuz Löfgrens Mäklarfirma, Växjö. Single exhibition.

        Future Exhibitions

2013 – Galleri Cinnamoni, Helsingborg. Shared exhibition with another person.
2014 – Gallery 69, New York. Groupexhibition.


2000 – Ronneby Konstförening. Free participation and material in a summerclass about creating  with handmade beewax crayons.

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