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Barcelona 2013


Barcelona 2013
Group Exhibition
1-15 October
Art Gallery Ada
Vernissage 5th October 18.30-21.30 p.m.

The Art Gallery Ada is located in the centrum of Barcelona and is a prestigefull place for international group exhibition.
The opening of the exhibition present live music in the magical latin enviroment.

Barcelona is one of the principal capitals of the European Art, so this is the occasion for a very important exhibition for many artists.

The exhibition is completed whit a catalogue.

Comunication to all the artists:
Here you can find the affisch of the exhibition to dowload.


We are at the end of this fantastic travel into art, tradition, events and history in Barcelona. The gallery ADA has picture about the opening party that you can check at this address:

The gallery had around 300 visitors under the week. The gallery sold two paintings. Congratulations to Magnus and Petri, the two happy artists!
And naturally, check the picture of the vernissage at the end of the page.

Important comunication to the artists:
The swedish artworks arrived at the gallery Quirinus today (2013-10-29) at the 11.30 a.m. The artist who desire to take the art works back from the gallery Quirinus, can do that  at the following time: mon-fri from 10.00a.m-15.00p.m.
The artists who can come and pick up the artworks in the gallery, please contact us to organize the transport back with the Swedish Post or another transport company.

Here you can find the affish that the gallery ADA made for the own customers.


The Participants



Title of the work

Arc Heidi

Moonshine Blues

Bauer Ingela

The Bug

Bauer Ingela

Red Berries

Betta Angela


Björk Lotta

Bonded 1

Bochicchio Francesca


Cabander Rolf

El Toro

Cabander Rolf

Gold Mask

Calisi Lorella


Carafi Isabel

Icone sulla Architettura

Carere Maria

Memory of meeting

Cavedon Livio

Il Pasto Politico

De Prada Javier

Il Gallo

De Prada Javier


Engebrethsen Anna

I Saw  a Throbbing Heart

Engebrethsen Anna

I Wish I Could Love You

Frykberg Maud

Shield 1

Frykberg Maud

Shield 2

Frikberg Maud


Garcia Cintia M.

Tryptic No1

Garcia Cintia M.

Tryptic No 2

Hektor Marie

Nordic Light

Horne Timo

Mi Casa 1

Horne Timo

Mi Casa 2

Jahic Redzep

Birds in the tree

Jahic Redzep

Birds in the tree 2

Jäsperi Petri

Swedish Midsummer

Kimsdotter Jelena


Lennholm Tina

Moder Jord och Fader Himmel

Lennholm Tina

Fönstret mot världen

Lilja Agneta


Maijanen Lena

Peace and wondering about the future

Mild Orsi


Nielsen Anja

Ohh Whatever

Nielsen Anja

The Awfully Quiet Girl

Pallotta Teresa Claudia


Parravicini Alessandra


Peck Åsa

Green Landscape

Peck Åsa

Early Day

Peck Åsa

Soon Spring

Pepino Roberto

79esima Strada Immaginaria

Ranucci Silvana


Rosazza Annelie

Mysterius Lady

Rosazza Annelie

Family Party

Sicilia  Anna Maria


Stamenkovic Kajsa

With Love1

Stamenkovic Kajsa

Alpine Landscape

Stigsson Benny

Distant Blue Hills, France

Stocker Maria

Tree of Wisdom

Säker Magnus

Untitled I

Säker Magnus

Untitled II

Säker Magnus

Untitled III

Ucari Walter

Blue Mood

Tomenius Wihlborg Inga


Wanjeskog Boel

Upupa a Lama Mocogno

Zetterberg Annika


Here comes the pictures of the vernissage!

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