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Arte Sacra 2013


Arte Sacra
2013 edition

1 April-30 September 2013
Vernissage: Uppsala Trinity Church, 1 April 2013 11.00a.m
Second Stop: Immanuelskyrkan, 7-17 June Stockholm
Final: Västerås under Kulturnatten 14 September-14 October

Just now is going on the exhibition ARTE SACRA, a tour in three Swedish Churches.  The first one is in Uppsala.
Uppsala is the fourth city of Sweden and the Church that we chose is the Saint Trinity Church, a medieval construction in the middle of the City and one of the oldest churches in Sweden.

Our exhibition started the Easter Day, and was welcomed by the priest Britt-Marie Helgesson that we thank so much for the wonderful help in finding the right artists for this exhibition.
The Church organized also a vernissage in the near local.

We want to thank also the artist Stanimira Radicheva who was present to the opening.

The exhibition will be present in the Church until the beginning of June. The 7 June we will open the second part of the exhibition, in Stockholm, Saint Emanuel Church.

Here follow an article about the exhibition in the official homepage of the Swedish Church:

Under: a picture of the artist at the opening (vernissage)with Elisa Bastiani and Britt-Marie Helgesson.

We want to inform all the participants at the exhibition that we will print the catalogue at the end of all the three stops so every exhibition will be recorded in the imagines of the catalogue.

S. Immanuelskyrka:
The church of S. Immanuel was the second stop of the exhibition.  The church is a modern enviroment, with an exhibition space in the middle of the building. The exhibition´s space is near the cafeteri where the visitors usually take a break in the relaxing atmosphere. The exhibition space is also near the rooms of the languages school that the church employers takes care of organize and the ateljers that many artists of Stockholm occupy.

Centrumkyrka Västerås,
final stop of the exhibition
The church is located int the centre of the city of Västerås, an important city in increasing both in population and in activities. The city is very modern, with completely new blocks builded on the see. The centrum has an important museum of modern and contemporary art. The exhibition take place in the Church of the Center under a week dedicated to the Colture, Kulturnatten. The Festival involves all the center of the city, every museums and cultural operator is open on the night to be visitet by  turists and local visitors. Also the church will be naturally open.
The 21 September at the 14.00 o.cokl will be a vernissage with gospel music.
The 29 September will be an Art and Music café with a Soprano singing.
The exhibition ends the 13 October.

The Partecipants 2013: list
Note: The last two artists are present just in Stockholm/Västerås



Title of the work

Stanimira Radicheva


Stanimira Radicheva


Rita Begnozzi

Il miracolo della moltiplicazione

Rita Begnozzi

Sacra famiglia del Pettirosso

Marina Profumo


Carlo Guerrato

I tre Cristi

Patrizia Biagini

Arcangelo Gabriele

Francesca Nicolosi


Giuliana M.M. Fusari

Jesus är död, jorden skakar

Giuliana M.M. Fusari


Okänd 1700-talet


Okänd 1700-talet


Adriano Anedda


Lisbeth Dal Pozzo D´Annone

Altare di Oleggio Castello

Biagio Chiesi



Note of the organisation(19/04/2013)
Here you can find some picture from Uppsala. The picture are referred to the moment of the set up of the exhibition.


Here you can find the photos from the second part of the exhibition, S. Immanuelskyrkan.


Here comes the picture of the las etappe, in Västerås Centrumkyrka, exhibitions hall, with the seminaries about Art and Religion.


The exhibition ARTE SACRA is going to the end. We want to tanks all the artists who takes place to the exhibition and remember to all to sent the relative picture for the catalogue, if you didn´t.  At the beginning of November the art works will be ready to be sended back. Please, contact you transport business for the transport back.

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