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The Art´s Gazette

The project of the Art Gazette start from our needs to spread information about art in a simple and elegant way. In a time when all the infomation spread on internet, we wanted to have a document that can remaine to the owener under a long time, that the owener can collect  because is quality information, against all the use-and-cast information.

The gazette has 4 edictions each year and i every ediction there is articles about archeology, art-history, art-critic, architectury, design, litteratur.

The gazette is distributed to art gallery and art association in the entire world.

If you are interested to have a copy, or to make an insertion,or to write an artical, please contact us at:

You can check what will be in the next number on FB:

Art´s Gazette

Do you want to advice in Art´s Gazette? Contact us at:

Here the price for 2015:
800SEK 1/4 page
1500SEK half page
3000SEK one page

Last page 9000SEK

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