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Art Card
Makes the art more available
Makes the artists more famous

Gallery Quirinus, Köping, 5-23 December

The art galleries and art exhibitions have often the limit that visitors are only connoisseurs of art or  peopleeducated on a path of art history. Only rarely do the common passer-by comes in and visit the exhibition.

We in  Interartex believe that art is a right for all, both making art but also visiting art exhibitions to enjoy the art, and of course, to buy art.
The common passer-by who saw the art gallery is often frightened by the idea of unattainable prices that make it impossible to purchase, or considers that the conditions of purchase are difficult and sensitive only to a specialized audience.

The artists, on their side, they have difficulty in making himself known to the market, often forced to invest large sums of denare in the hiring of important galleries that do not always ensure visibility and sales.
The result is that good artists and works of art of quality remain unknown to the public and are not purchased.

Our experience in the field of the art market has led us to the necessity of developing a project aimed at bridging the gap between the artist, the gallery and the common passerby.Our desire is that the work of art is sold and goes to enrich the lives of everyone.

So we gathered a group of artists who think like us, and we set a fixed selling price för all the artworks, every kind of artwork, regardless of size and style.
The buyer must feel protected and safe coming in in the gallery, and sure that none will ask for the artwork a price higher than that seen in advertising.

We printed and distributed a series of Art Card entitling you to discounts in the purchase of the works. The Cards have a huge popularity and are issued in common shops of the city center such as gift shops, gift, flower shops, jewelry shops, clothing stores, phone shops.

The purpose of the card is to capture in a public gallery that usually does not think the work of art as a gift for themselves or for their loved ones, and propose instead the art as a gift authentic, special and alternative. A gift that lasts.

The names of the authors participating in the initiative received a huge visibility as they are shown in the poster below our Art Card in stores. The sale of the works of thechosen artists is numerically greater and the artist has the occasion to move his works in a wider public, which later can follow her/him outside the project Art Card.

If you are an artist and want to join the project Art Card, please contact us via email to book an appointment and discuss the conditions. Mail to:

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