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Ars Tabulae Pictae


The association Ars Tabulae Pictae of Padova and its president, Alberto Bolzonella are one of the firs collaborators of Maecenas Italy Art. We started our collboration in the 2010 with the project of a traveling exhbition about "Inferno" of Dante Alighieri that the group had trasfomed in beautiful paintings. The dream became reality with the first exhibition in the Virsbo konthall in the 2012, in the communal library of Västerås in the winter 2012 and will continue in the future in the National Gallery of Oslo an than in Stockholm. Many artists of the association partecipate to our different exhibitions and the art-critic Riccardo Baldelli from Maecenas Italy Art write in many occasion critique-texts about them. A history of a long friedship.

The art works "Viaggio Pittorico nell´Inferno Dantesco" are new travelling in Stockholm, thanks to Bilda.
Last travel in the Nordic Lands will be in Stockholm, from the 2th to the 20th June 2014.

The following picture come from the "Viaggio all´inferno Dantesco" tour in the year 2012-2013


Virsbo Konsthall


Västerås Statsbibliotek


Dijkmanske Bibliotek, Oslo

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