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Anna Engebrethsen

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Anna Engebrethsen

I am a 26 years old artist from Sweden working with oil on canvas. Painting is my way of telling my stories and sharing memories kept in my heart. Memories from the past, my childhood dream from where I saw them. Those who never disappear from my mind.
The hare, lively and constantly moving, pursued for all time but always strong and irrepressible. The bird of prey as a perception in the sky, quietly guarding the earth below. The throbbing and silent heart of a deer, who standstill in front of me, considering the next move. And the little birds that sit still while they are in motion, idling. Thin lines that winds along the branches. They sing without words. Always in my mind and heart.

I recently had my paintings exhibited in Musée du Louvre in Paris, in Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, in Art Gallery ADA in Barcelona, to name a few of them. In July 2014 I will participate in an exhibition hold at Gallery 69 in New York.

Stig Åke Stålnacke – member of AICA International Association of Art Critics wrote inter alia "…as a precious letter from heart to heart, Anna’s pictures have reached my and made indelible marks. It is letters of rare beauty. Letters to keep by your heart".

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