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Toscana Nordic 2015

The Toscana Nordic Festival is a festival that include 3 days of fair and 2 weeks artexhibitions dedicated to the Nordic Art and Culture.
The festival takes place   in the municipalities of Lorenzana, Crespina e Cenaia, in the middle of the Tuscany's hills. The dates of the fair is May 29 to 31 .  The   art exhibits open May 29 and close June 11 .
During the three   days of the show  you can watch shows and entertainment  and the northern food and crafts are offered to Italian visitors .

The show also consists of  meeting points , seminars and  cultural events dedicated to gastronomy from the Nordic countries  and from  Tuscany.
The exhibitions are held in private villas and public buildings of the three municipal cities .  A bus shuttle connects the exhibition rooms .

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In collaboration with:


The locations, preview:


The Church, quality artexhibition

Town of Lorenzana, handcraft

The Municipality, Interartex Art Exhibition


Town of Crespina, handcraft

Park of Crespina, the Viking Town

Place "il Fagiolo", Cenaia, Association and Municipalities, Food handcraft

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