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If you want to partecipate to our exhibition, please, read the general information:

Read the rules! If you can´t speak English, ask us about rules in your language. Not always is possible to have the documents in your language, but we do what we can to find a translation.

Please, send or mail us the registration form in good time
, with correct information about you, especially your e-mail. We need that to communicate with you!

The registration form permits us to understand how many people are inscribed to the exhibition and with how many works. Your word is not sufficient! Many people works in Interartex and maybe someone can forget you.
Send a registration form for each exhibition you want to participate. Maybe you changed the works you want to exhibit from the last exhibition, so you need a new registration form for each exhibition.

Ask always if the registration day is correct and if you can still register you because sometimes there are extensions to the date reported on the home page. Sometimes instead the exhibition is complete before the date of registration.

You can´t have back the ammount you pay for the exhibition if you decide that you don´t want to partecipate to the exhibition anymore for personal problems. You buy a service from us and we buy services for you from other actors with your money. Read the rules about your exhibition.

Think that, in our exhibitions, the transport from your house to the exhibition place and back is always to your expense, also when it is not specified in the rules. We are not responsible of damages that eventually happen to your work under the transport. We can just make attention that your work will be well packet to the transport back.

We are not responsable of any kind of damages that you can maybe have in the transport. We don´t ask you to make an insurance to partecipate to our exhibition, but it is our suggestion to provide to insure if you think that your art works are sensible.

We don´t insure your art works. It is impossible to our organization to contact the insurance and make an evaluation for every single work we exhibit in our exhibitions.  It should take too much time! We take care of your art works at the top of our possibilities but if you feel that you need insurance, you have to take care of that by yourself.  We accept in our exhibitions works without insurance too, but it is up to your risk.

We don´t provide to, fix or repair the frame.  If your art work needs a frame, you have to take care of that by yourself!

The date of the exhibition is calculated from the day that the gallery starts to hang our artworks. The first 2-3 days is calculated for installation and the gallery decides if they want to keep open or closed. The beginning of the exhibition is the date/time of the opening party also called vernissage! Check always about the date/time of the opening party with us, if you think to be there.

Deviation from the prescribed date / time of the opening party may occur. Keep lookout for any changes and call us for information.

Our exhibitions have place in galleries and public places in the entire world. The habits about the vernissage are very different from country to country and from place to place.  We are not responsible for the vernissage because the galleries don´t belong to us. If you think that the vernissage was not of good quality, you can inform us and we will ask explanations to the gallery.  Naturally we check the service in all the galleries and we will not use in the future a gallery where we received complains of any kinds.

In the galleries where we exhibit with your artworks we are guest. We can´t decide the time of the opening party, we cant decide how the gallerist has to hang, we can´t decide wich tipe of refreshment they have to serve at the opening party and naturally they don´t have any kind of obbligation to keep the gallery open before the date/time of the vernissage/opening party. If you are in place before the time/date of the opening party, please respect the workers of the gallery and don´t disturb theres job asking to keep the gallery open. We can communicate to them any kind to special request from you, but it is not sure that they will accept that.

Here you can dowload some instruction about the catalogue:

Catalogue Instruction

If the exhibition has a catalog, you have to mail us the picture of your work within the right time and at list 300 dpi/jpg format. You have also to mail us right information about technique, title and year.  If you mail the information beyond the date that the organization communicates to you, your work can impossibly be in the catalog. If you communicate wrong information, they can be printed in the catalog!

Think that you have to take picture of your artworks before you send them to us! Check the pictures in your computer. If they have 300dpi. or more, they are accepted. Otherwise the picture will be refused. Check the quality of the picture before you send the artworks! If you don´t mail us hight quality pictures, at list 300 dpi., we can write your name in the catalogue, but just your name in the general list of the participant.
We can take picture of your artworks for you, but this service cost 625SEK for each picture.


• If you need recipe of any kind, ask us and we will mail one to you.

• At the end of the exhibition we will publish in the home page photos of the vernissage. You are free to download the photos and to use them like you want.  We don´t mail picture at your e-mail, but we send an e-mail to all the artists when the exhibition is over that the photos are available on the home page or in Facebook.

• The dimensions of the works are different from an exhibition to an another. You have to respect them. If you need an exception, you can ask for that, but, please, wait for an answer before you pay the participation cost.

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